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EvereadiMedia is a multimedia design firm that specializes in graphic design, photography, video production, media consultation, and digital communications. We embrace versatility, style and intentionality as we aim to be a dynamic force in the media industry. The ultimate mission of EvereadiMedia is to provide excellent, creative services, and uphold a standard of promptness, professionalism and quality.

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The EvereadiMedia difference is in the design and the dedication. We go the extra mile to ensure that the vision for your brand is realized. The digital world has become oversaturated with mediocrity. Here at EvereadiMedia, we seek to uphold a high standard of distinction and brilliance. We know that your media presence is the face of your company, so it is important to find the right fit for you. Let us help you to set your brand apart by customizing your branding with every project. EvereadiMedia was founded on innovation, originality, and client satisfaction. We seek to help you increase your reach by making an undeniably unique first impression. Our priority is to ensure excellence for your business endeavors by capturing your mission through visual enhancements.

A. T. Everett


Anissa T. Everett is a versatile and experienced graphic designer, photographer, videographer and media consultant from Memphis, TN. Her alma mater, Overton Creative and Performing Arts High School was the breeding ground for her creative talents. There, she was a staple in the broadcasting program with her innovative ideas that far surpassed her youth. After receiving a scholarship for graphic design, she graduated from the Tennessee Technology Center, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for media of all kinds. In 2008, she founded EvereadiMedia, propelling her ingenuity to the next level by freeing herself to create outstanding products and complete breathtaking projects. Formerly known as TE Studios, her company has worked with the COGIC World Missions Department, the Memphis Black Art Alliance, and several other businesses across the country. In 2010, she became a media specialist, partner, and founding member of the board for the Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival, which hails as the first ethnic comedy festival in the Midsouth. Her keen eye for design, artistic flair and spirit of excellence earned her a nomination for best graphic designer at the 2017 Artsy Awards. She continues to evolve with every groundbreaking change the industry makes, growing her vision and network through digital art and media masterpieces.

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We can't do it all but we have a team of people who can. We are committed to connecting our clients with the right group of people.

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